Exercises to Stop Snoring

There are exercises that can be performed that can reduce your snoring levels and allow those around you, as well as yourself to finally attain the peaceful night’s sleep.

Traditional Exercise Programs
Implementing an exercise program to reduce your overall body weight is often an effective way to reduce snoring. Performing cardiovascular exercises and consuming a low fat diet can be an effective way to reduce weight on your frame and reduce snoring.

Strengthening the Tougue Muscles
Using exercises that can strengthen the tongue can be an effective way to reduce snoring, since one of the causes of snoring is from your tongue falling back and blocking your air passageway when you are sleeping. To complete the exercise, stick your tongue as far out as possible, while maintaining the tongue straight, move the tongue to the left side and then to the right. You can also vary this exercise by moving the tongue up and down instead of from left to right. Try to complete at least fifteen repetitions of this exercise and gradually increase this.

Strengthening the Muscles of the Face
Other ways that you can strengthen the muscles around the face and around the mouth are to put the mouth in the form of an exaggerated kiss and hold this posture for up to five seconds. Through this posture, you can strengthen the lips, mouth, and jaw area. Making this puckered face has been known to strengthen the bottom section of the face and can be an effective way to reduce snoring. Other postures you can try are an exaggerated smile and repeating the alphabet silently with a large and exaggerated facial expression.

These exercises that strengthen the facial area can be an effective way to reduce snoring. These are simple exercises that you can easily complete through the day, while you are in the shower or even while you are driving. Through the extended use of these exercises you can easily reduce your snoring.

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